Friday, August 12, 2011

Part one: Dallas work trip

He's coming home today!  It's almost impossible to believe that in the years since we had kids, almost 28 to be exact, I have never been home all alone overnight.  Dave was gone a few times working at kids camp for church or a couple of times for work, but I always had one or more of the girls with me.

I was proud of myself that I did really well this week.  I had one bad night and I think losing my blogs brought on some major emotions.  I missed his shoulder to lean on and his compassion. 

One the things that caused me to fall in love with this man is the gift of his listening ear.  No matter how many words I need to get out he listens.  Of course quite often it's forced by my turning off the television, but if I need him to really listen, he does.

My mom always said that the longer you live with your mate the more you love them.  When I was first married and struggling through transition from being a spoiled kid to figuring out how to be a wife I never dreamed that our love would become what it is today.

We NEED one another.  We need to just know the other person is in the other room or close by.  We need to walk past one another and just stop to hug, kiss and say I love you.

He is my rock and my very best friend.  He's my cheerleader ALWAYS.  He sees the best in me and defends me always.

Yes, we bicker from time to time.  Our kids think we are turning into my parents (eyes rolling.)  Even though we debate, we rarely ever fight.  We've arrived to a place of understanding and realizing how short life is and that, "Being together is a beautiful place to be."  These words are printed above our bed with this photo of us in Mexico celebrating our 30th anniversary.  A constant reminder of the goodness of the Lord in giving me this man.

That 5PM flight can't get here soon enough.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm back ~ I'm back?

Turning 50 last year changed my life and along with those crazy changes came a bit of madness, the good kind of madness, but madness non the less. I had lost my drive to sit and blog.  To me that meant life was good and I had healed over the last several years from issues with my heart. Now, after blogging for years I suddenly lost both of my blogs that were filled with the serious and the silly. I tear jerkingly realized that my healing was locked away in those posts and I had two choices, either sit and cry or move on.

I'm back, at least I think I am, to share "Just a Thought" while you "Follow My Heart".  Welcome to Mama Behr's Madness, a new way of viewing life after 50 with a husband, a cat, and kids.  Yeah, the kids are always at the center of my blogs and my heart.  They may all live far away, but they are as close to me as the constant beat of my heart  It's a mad, mad life :D

As for the new title, my youngest recently referred to me as Mama Behr and I liked it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Blogging 101, always back your work up!

Wow, after four years of blogging I've lost my previous blogs.  It's really quite heart wrenching to realize that they are gone.  I had often thought about printing out the pages that mattered, the ones where I shared my heart with or about my girls.  I guess they will forever be gone and it's sad to realize that my girls will never read those words written from my heart.