Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The pet food aisle

Have you ever wondered why your path crosses the paths of certain people?  I often pray for the Lord to direct my steps and to allow my path to cross with those that might need me in their life at that moment or I might just need them.

Today I was out and about getting my hair beautified and then running a quick errand to Meijer’s to pick up some ingredients for our dinner tonight.  I really didn’t feel like chasing into the store, but knew the next two nights would find me busy with work which usually means a quick and easy meal or take out.  I knew that tonight had better be my night to cook something substantial.

I quickly roamed up and down the aisle trying to complete the list in my hand.  I rarely shop Meijer’s and don’t know where stuff is, but it was on my way home and convenient.   One huge mistake was going in the wrong door needing to use the bathroom only to find it was on the other side of the building.  I decided to try to hold off and get out of there ASAP.

Once I had all of my cooking ingredients I headed for the pet aisle.  Why not get the cat stocked up as long as I was in the store?  I found the food she likes and knelt down to study the labels making sure I bought the right stuff, finicky cat anyway!

Before I knew it an older lady with a cart filled with cat food began yacking my ear off.  She asked what kind of food my “cats” like.  She wondered what kind of “cats” I have.  I politely answered her and started to concentrate more and more on my need to hit the potty.

I started talking to myself in my head as this little old woman told me a very long and drawn out story about having two cats, their ages and habits along with the detail about her dogs.  “Gotta go, gotta go” was all my head was screaming.

She finally shared how they had taken in a stray cat.  The dog was sick and it was necessary to put pills in his food.  The stray began eating the dog’s food only to end up at the vet with a $1800 bill.  OUCH, big bill, OUCH, gotta go!!!

I smiled and tried to act interested.  I wondered if she was just a nut or very lonely lady just needing someone to talk to.  I was not about to tell her that I was on the verge of wetting my pants.  I made the mistake of telling her that my cat had just seen the vet with a urinary infection costing my $200.  Little did I know that she would then share how she, herself, had a urinary infection since July.  She freely shared about her meds and visits to the urologist in detail.  Trust me, talking about all this urinary stuff while needing to “go” was about killing me.

I finally smiled at her, told her I was sorry that she had been dealing with this sickness, encouraged her to trust for health and healing, and then wished her a good day with happy, healthy pets.  Oh my!

As I walked away I asked the Lord why in the world this lady needed to be in my aisle while I needed to get “going”.  He gently reminded me that it is not by mistake that our paths cross the paths of other.  He showed me that all things are in His timing and my prayer to touch the lives of others may not always be according to my agenda for the day, but rather it was His plan that needed to be walked out.

I safely made it home, no accidents on the road or otherwise!  I smiled to myself as I clearly saw that even the smallest of things might just be a huge thing to someone else.  I hope my short and unplanned visit in the pet aisle was just what the Lord ordered for the dear old cat lady with urinary issues.  

Isn’t it funny how life works?  I pray that we never find ourselves in so much of a hurry that we fail to be a small blessing to someone in need.  Who knows, tomorrow might be the day that I need a listening ear and I sure hope someone has the time for me…even if they need to get “going”.