Thursday, September 8, 2011

You are THAT guy!

Standing in the park talking with Steve I looked across to the tennis courts and spotted a group of guys that I knew.  In the midst of them was someone new, someone I'd never seen.  I couldn't quite take my eyes off from him.  He was blond, thin, and looking pretty hot in his high top socks and short shorts.

While trying to carry on a conversation with Steve I found my eyes looking past him and at you.  You were the new guy.  You were the one that grabbed my attention.

Steve, being a great friend, willingly walked me over to meet you.  You seemed kind of shy and sweet.  Most of the guys you were with were loud and loving any attention they could get, but you didn't seem to care for attention.

Months later I remember vividly you showing up at the high school where I was watching a girl's basketball game with Tami.  You sat and talked with us and once again I noticed how very gentle you were and just an all around sweet guy.

More months pasts and finally the day came where you called to ask me out for New Years Eve.  I, already being committed to other plans for the night, regretfully said no.

It was pretty obvious that the Lord wanted our paths to cross.  Even though we went to different high schools we found ourselves sitting together at Mac Donald’s after a guys basketball game and had our first real talk.  You were someone special and my heart strings were being tugged ever so gently.

I know it took years of growing up to see that I needed you in my life.  After all, I was only fifteen when we met.  I finally realized that the gentle, loving, and giving man I had been dating for three and a half years was the man God intended for me to spend my life with.

Today is your birthday. We have shared 35 birthdays together.  Each year I'm reminded of what a blessed woman I am to have you by my side.  You are the best listener in my life.  You always put me before your own needs.  If I need chocolate or anything else you drop everything just to make me happy.

I know this may sound sappy and like all the other tributes women write to their husbands, but I want to make sure you know that God in His goodness graced my life with the gift of you.  There is nothing more wonderful and beautiful than to know how much you love me every single day of your life.  You are my best friend and you make me laugh even in those times when I don't want to.

David, thank you for loving me, working hard to provide for me, and for filling my heart with the knowledge of being safe and secure with you.

May you be reminded in hundreds of ways today of how amazing you are.  May you feel God's goodness raining down upon you from your head to your toes.  Most of all, may you feel happy and content knowing you are loved beyond what can be said!

Happy birthday my love!  I pray that we will have many more years to blow out the candles together.

"For you see, each day I love you more ~ Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow."

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It was quite the week!

I had been struggling with a migraine or some type of major head pain. It finally peaked on Sunday and by Tuesday I was too sick to even walk or talk. David ended up talking me to the doctor where I was injected with some type of pain killer.

By the time we got home I was pretty out of it and hit the bed. The pain was totally gone in about a half an hour, but was replaced with six hours of constant itching. On the up side, I was too drugged to really care that I itched all over. In the middle of the night the pain returned full force. So much for that method of treatment.

I woke the next day to find myself taking three naps. Needless to say, I was zapped. I ran out for a short trip to the pharmacy to get some prednisone and to get my hair done. I've been working odd hours and had canceled this appointment once and really wanted to get it over with. Thank the good Lord the girl that did my hair did an amazing job of giving me a head and neck massage as well.  Once I was finished it was right back home to bed.

By Friday I was looking forward to the weekend and heading to the suburbs of Chicago to move our kids. They were heading north of the city to relocate for Alfred's job and schooling.  We decided to sleep at home that night and head out by 6AM for our three hour drive.  Thankfully we are an hour ahead of Chicago.

The kids had worked like crazy getting everything packed up.  By the time we arrived the guys were ready to head out with the U-haul while Alicia and I finished up at the old apartment.

Despite the guys forgetting the keys to the new place it all came together in time.  After lots of hard work we had thing pretty much moved into their condo and it was starting to take shape. 
Cute little kitchen area

Dinner at Big Bowl Thai Restaurant
We decided to call it a day, get a hotel for Dave and I, and head to dinner.  The kid's condo gas wouldn't be turned on for a few days so a hotel gave us all hot showers as well as letting the kids enjoy their new place without dad and mom under their feet 24-7.  We worked hard the next day to get things put away and make their new place feel like home.  It shaped up really nicely!

We went out to dinner that night for some Mediterranean food.  It's always something fun and different when we visit our kids.  There are options for eating that we just don't have in our area.

Monday, Labor Day, the kids surprised Dave with tickets to a Cubs baseball game. His birthday is coming up this week and  He was really excited!  We rode the train into the ballpark, one of my favorite things to do!!! 

Riding the L
Still a bit under the weather, but having fun!
Happy Birthday Dave!

We hopped off the train and headed right across the road to the ball field.
We had some great seats just beyond third base.  I enjoyed watching people, eating a hot pretzel and some peanuts, as well as...oh yeah...watching the game.  I also got the entire low down from the lady behind me as to what shoes would be purchased for her young son to wear to school.  She spent most of the game talking on her phone with someone to make sure the right pair of shoes were purchased.  (Oh brother!)
What's a ballgame without a hot dog?
The score board at Wrigley Field drove me nuts!  It's a classic and has not been updated to a high def big screen.  It took me to the 7th inning stretch to figure it out.  I know it's really cool, but I'm a slow learner.  Alicia was a bit fascinated watching the people turn the boards to change the score.  

Dave had fun making a little video of the "take me out to the ballgame" song that we all had fun singing at the 7th inning stretch.
It was a fun day even though the temps had dropped a ton.  We went from hot and sweating while moving to sweatshirts and jeans along with that cold wind that Chicago is known for.  David had fun sportin' his new Cubs shirt that I surprised him with.  When in Chicago we do as the Cubs fans do.  Well, Dave was right there with the Cubs gear while I showed up in pink and stuck out like a sore thumb.
Dave and his girl
Alfred ended up catching a fly ball!  He was pretty excited.  The ball looked like it was coming straight for my head and as I ducked I plowed into the lady next to me. (You can see her right to the left of Alicia)  She was quite the sport and just laughed it off.  The two little boys behind us were a bit bummed that the 6'4" guy in front of them had the advantage in catching the ball.

It was a really fun day and a good way to relax and have some fun after all the work of the move.  Woohoo, the Cubbies won!  We took the train back to our cars and the kids headed north while we hit the road south and back around the lake to Michigan.
Thanks Alfred and Alicia for a fun holiday and for letting us be apart of your lives.