Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just Fishin'

Yesterday Jenna and I were riding together in her car listening to the radio. It wasn't long and a song came on the radio that she had shared with me a short time ago. It was a song about being like your mom. Of course it brought me to crying like a fool. I looked over and the tears were falling from her eyes as well.  We both had to laugh in the midst of the tears.

A little farther down the road and another song came on the radio. It was called Just Fishin' by Trace Adkins. The song speaks of a daddy and his girl just spending some time together. Although the little girl thinks they are just fishin' the daddy knows better, they are making a memory.

Today we said goodbye to Jenna after our few short days in Texas. Right as we got ready to get the worst part of the trip over with she turned on the song. Oh, there's no doubt the tears fell and fell hard.

I couldn't help but be reminded of the years when Jenna was home alone with me and her dad. Her sisters had moved to Texas and it was just the three of us. Soon Jenna began to develop a love of tennis just like her dad.

The two of them spend hours upon hours working on her form, her strength, and her endurance. They ran stadium steps, batted balls nonstop and shopped for girly tennis dresses to make Jenna feel cute while she played.Yup, her daddy was the one to shop with her, not me.

All this time was not just about the game of tennis. As I look back I remember the bond those two formed and how for the first time they really found out that dad-daughter love runs deep.

It's hard to leave our youngest all alone in Texas. We always know the other two girls have their husband to protect, love, and share life with them, but Jenna is by herself. Her daddy is still her protector, her strength, and her pal.

Thanks Jenna for a few days of loving on you, laughing with you, and being reminded that that special place in our hearts is always there for you no matter how far apart we might be. WE LOVE YOU and you will always be your daddy's little girl.


Just Mom said...


She's not really alone, you know that right? :-)

Love the photo of father and daughter.

Cheri said...

Beautiful post. Praying for your "mama's heart" as you say those hard goodbye's!

Mari said...

I heard that Fishing song recently and thought how true it was.
Beautiful post, as always! I love that picture of Dave and Jenna too.
Praying for you as you get ready to leave again.

Dawn said...

Very sweet.

Susan said...

Great picture. Jenna looks SOOO good, healthy and at peace.

Sylvia said...

The love and security you have both given Jenna, with God's goodness and grace have helped her become this secure, confident woman who has overcome so much. She looks so sparkly and happy!

Karenkool said...

This post is so sweet, Ginger. I even got a lump in my throat just reading. I've heard the song before and I'll listen to it maybe tomorrow... you know, let some of the emotions die down some. ;-)

The pic of daddy and daughter is beautiful.