Thursday, July 19, 2012

Part 2: Surgery day arrived and a whole lot more.

March 1st quickly arrived and off to the surgical center we went.  The couch was made up with sheets and pillows.  The little basket of necessities was full and next to the couch.  The bathroom was now complete with the raised toilet seat (oh Lord, really?  Yes, really!)  The tub had a new shower hand held sprayer and a tub seat.  The walker and crutches were all set to be used.

Surgery went well, really well.  I came out of it with little pain and was ready to get home and get well.

The first couple of days Dave was able to be with me, but his vacation was all used up and I was dreading being alone and helpless.  Lindsey called and offered to come care for me for a few days.  She would fly in on Sunday afternoon and stay until Thursday giving her time to get back to Texas to photograph a wedding on Saturday.

By the time Linds arrived Dave and I had figured out a good plan of getting me from one room to the other and making sure I was well cared for.  I was so thankful to have Lindsey with me once Dave headed back to work.  The pain had set in and I was helpless.

Lindsey and I spend our time talking and sleeping.  I was on strong pain meds and she was now pregnant.  I relished each moment with my daughter and knew the Lord had shed his goodness upon me by having Lindsey home.

During the few days Linds was home she was able to share their exciting news with family and friends here in Michigan.  It was fun to let the cat out of the bag and start telling my friends and family as well.  I'm a talker and it was hard to keep my mouth shut for a month.

Thursday came all too quickly and it was time for Lindsey to fly back to Beto in Texas.  Dave loaded me in the back seat of the car and off we went to the airport.  I was still on heavy meds so the trip was not a big deal and it was good to get out for a short ride.

Lindsey made it home and by the weekend they had pretty much shared with family and friends about the news of the baby.  They had the wedding to photograph on Saturday and then on Monday would post their news on Facebook for the rest of the world to know.

I knew something was wrong when she called me Saturday late morning asking questions.  Wow, I can't even write this without reliving the moments, hours and days that followed.

She called her doctor, rested until she had to leave and then headed off to photograph the wedding.  What a day it was for her. Alfred and Alicia had come home to be with me for the weekend and we waited, prayed, and hoped. We talked on the phone with Lindsey off and on and by Sunday morning she shared that she had lost the baby.


After walking this road in my own life twice I knew just what she was going through.  I knew the feelings of loss, disappointment and sorrow.  I knew the dreams that had begun to bud were trampled on and destroyed.  What I didn't know is that it hurt me more to watch my children walk this road than it did for me to walk it out in my own life all those years ago.

To be continued...


Mari said...

I have often thought that it is much worse to see your kids go through something than to go through it yourself. I know that the surgery was painful and hard on you, but it was nothing compared to the loss of that baby.

Connie said...

So sorry for your loss. So sad.

Cheri said...

I'm so sorry Lindsey, Beto and your whole family had to go through that. Such a hard path to walk!

Julie said...

I know the pain of losing a baby....:-( :-( sorry for all the upheaval it causes for you all... xo

mimisherry said...

Oh how I agree that it is much more painful watching our kiddos go through the difficult parts of life!
I am loving this little ongoing story you have going here! What a great way to blog it!
XO <3

Sylvia said...

It's like a double dose of the pain, I know, when our children suffer. Have to remind myself that the Lord is comforting them in His own special way that we can't be part of BUT it still hurts.... Thank you for writing about it so beautifully Ginger

Dawn said...

I didn't know this! I'm so glad things are on the up again!

Momma Roar said...

I know it is hard to write, but I think it does help to process the pain (especially now that there is hope again!)

I've never experienced it and I cannot imagine. But my heart was so full of sadness for all of you.