Saturday, August 11, 2012

Peachy Pie

My girl and little, itty bitty Peachy Pie at 16 weeks.  For now that is the name I'm calling the baby.  I love, I mean I LOVE peach pie and so why not?  Hopefully in a few weeks we will know if little Peachy Pie is a boy or a girl.  I may have to find a new name if it's a boy.  Somehow Peachy Pie sounds a bit too sweet for a boy.  Oh well, I'm sure by then this little one might even be given a real name and this Grammy won't need a nickname anymore.


Mari said...

She looks so cute! Our little one was called Bean Sprout through pregnancy, and is now called Peapod. Laura has always been the queen of giving nicknames, so any child of hers is probably going to have more than one.
PS - I made peach pie today - come on over!

Cheri said...

I'm so excited for all of you and Lindsey looks great and she's just glowing! Love the name!

Just Mom said...

Lindsey, you look absolutely beautiful!

Praying for a smooth pregnancy, easy delivery and years and years of blessings as a family.

Oh! JS was "Bean" before he took shape, and then "Bun." We now call him "Bud" sometimes. LOL!

mimisherry said...

I love "peachy pie", clever!! Your little girl is just glowing!!!! What a blessed baby this will be, to have so much love!!!XO <3

Susan said...

Peachy pie is cute!!!

Karenkool said...

So its "grammy" then? :-)

We aren't very good at nicknames and someone else nicknamed our third child Elmo which happened to be our daughter, Anika. LOL.

I love Peachy Pie.

Momma Roar said...

She's looks fantastic!

I like Peachy Pie - but you now how I also like to use abbreviations, G, and that just doesn't work so well!