Sunday, September 9, 2012

Peachy Pie Just Ain't Gonna Cut It

 Lindsey at 20 weeks

It was Tuesday and I knew the kids were heading to the doctor for the big, "We're finding out the baby's sex" visit.  Lindsey's appointment was mid morning and I was at work just chomping to find out what the news would be.

Somehow without even really giving it much thought I just assumed it was a girl.  I guess after giving birth to three daughters and then raising three girls for all those years I had forgotten that there was a 50/50 chance of it being a boy.

I walked into the lab at work and found a note on my computer monitor to call Lindsey.  My coworker was smiling while she said, "Call Lindsey!  Call Lindsey!"

I reached the kids cell and Lindsey immediately asked if I wanted to guess.  Nope, no guessing, just tell me!

I heard Beto say, "It's a boy!" 

I responded with, "Really??"

Lindsey piped up and said, "Yup!"

Wow, a baby boy!

I left work right after my quick chat with the kids.  It was my lunch break and I quickly drove home with tears filling my eyes.  I just sort of sat there my entire lunch break soaking in the reality of the news I'd just heard.

Once back at work I walked in and the tears fell.  I smiled at my coworker and explained that this was no longer all about my daughter being pregnant, this was about a little precious baby boy being added to our family. 

I began to wonder what he looks like.  Will he be fair skinned like his momma or brown like his daddy?  Will his eyes be brown or blue?  Will his nose be turned up like his momma's was at birth or will he have a crease between his eyes when he is serious like his daddy?

The one question that stuck in my mind was the very same one I asked myself over and over when I carried his mommy, "Will he know just how much I love him?"

It's been a couple of weeks now and I'm still floating around on a cloud.  I pray for this little guy each day, many times a day.  I want to find little things to send to his mom just so she knows I'm thinking about her and her baby.  I'm in awe of the photos she sends me of her tummy growing each week. 

No, he's no longer called Peachy Pie.  It just doesn't fit.  His dad and mom have not decided on his name quite yet and even if they do it might be their secret to keep until his birth day.  So for now he's just Baby.

I wonder what life will be like when this little boy arrives.  I know one thing for sure, my life changed completely the day I found out that a little boy will enter my world and call me grandma.  He's captured my heart already.  Yup, I'm in love with this little gift of life and I can't wait until January to meet him.  I sure hope he loves kisses.


Cheri said...

One thing I know for certain- this precious little baby boy is blessed to have his mom and dad and aunts and very special Grandparents! He is a very blessed child for sure!

Mari said...

Cheri is right - he's being born into a very special family and he will be blessed with lots of love!
Alaina was called peapod throughout much of Laura's pregnancy and we still often call her that. Wouldn't work so well for a boy though!

Momma Roar said...

So happy for you all!

I loved knowing what we were having with babies 2 & 3 (only one ultrasound with Q at 9 weeks so he was a surprise) but I loved keeping the names a secret. Everyone could prepare with us, but that name was our special secret!

I echo Cheri's comments! One blessed child!!!!!

Dawn said...

I'm so glad we're both feeling the urge to blog again. I just cannot stand to hang it all up after 6 years. So many friends, so many memories. And so many that I've had the blessing of meeting IRL!

I'm glad you're not tired of hearing about my girlies, and I know nobody will tire of hearing about your grandson - and any future grandkids! That's the grand thing about blogging - we're a community!

It's so strange - I keep wanting to his "Like" to the comments - too much FB!

Connie said...

What wonderful news for you and your family. It will be hard to wait until January, right?

Tammy said...

Absolutely wonderful news. Grandsons are amazing. I have two and another one arriving sometime in November. :) Congratulations!!!

Susan said...

So happy for your entire family as you wait, plan for and pray over "Baby Boy's" arrival. He will adore you!!!!

Karenkool said...

How about Gilligan for a nickname? I KNOW, RIGHT? It just came to me all at once. LOL

I'm so excited for you all. YIPPEE!!!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Love!!! A BOY added to the crew of girlies! woo hoo!

He is a blessed child with such a wonderful family!