Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dallas, daughters, Beto and Beckham

After a much anticipated trip I boarded a plane on the 31st of October to Texas.  I wanted to be able to see Lindsey pregnant at least once before the baby came.  Little did I know that when I booked my flight that this trip would be more meaningful than ever.  Finding out about baby Beckham's heart made the trip priceless.

Alicia decided to book a flight from Chicago and join me for a little visit to the heart of Texas, Lindsey and Beto's house.

All three of my girls in the same place!  This has not happened since Christmas so it was a joy to my soul to see them all together.  Jenna was very sick so she asked that I not take a ton of photos of her.  She ended up at the doctor to find out she had an ear infection and a sinus infection.  Such crappy timing for her to end up sick.  She had to work and go to school so her time with us was so short to begin with.


Day 1, all three girls

We had a fun night at Sissie's for dinner enjoying some southern food and a hillbilly quartet consisting of 5 people (thus, the "hillbilly" being added to the quartet by the groups lead guy).  They played some good ole gospel music and I really enjoyed it!  It was fun to see people singing along and raising their hands while enjoying dinner.  Trust me, I've never seen that in a restaurant in Michigan.

The next night was the baby shower.  Beto and Lindsey's photography friends did an incredible job of hosting a wonderful night filled with much love, food, and gifts.
My oldest two.  Jenna was very sick and opted out of photos.  These two are like twins only 21 months apart in age.  I love seeing them together.  It's like they are little girls again and BFFs.
The kids were thrilled with the carseat - stroller combo gift from Alfred & Alicia and Dave & me.

The food consisted of a chili bar, ice tea and coffee and this spread of desserts.  Oh YUM!  Yes, I had the chocolate pie of course.

It's tradition for us to visit Waxahachi and the Dove's Nest gift shop and luncheonette.  Jenna had school so it was just the three of us.  Always good food and fun shopping after.  Note my purse made by Momma Roar.  I was glad to have something nice and light to carry on my trip.

The three of us also did some shopping for Beckham's room and for ourselves of course.  I can't miss a chance to visit the Lush bath store and load up before heading home.

Since Jenna would soon be celebrating her 24th birthday we decided to enjoy some time with her and go to dinner and for dessert a bit early.  Sitting outside while eating our pizza was amazing.  This time of year in Michigan you just can't do that.  Alicia and I were basking in the 80+ degree weather knowing all too soon we would be back home in the colder temps.
I've said it so many times it's ridiculous, but I do have the best son in law ever!  He's so patient and he endured us 4 women without a single complaint and with a smile on his face.

After pizza we headed to La Duni's for dessert.

We all enjoyed some yummy goodness and celebrated Jenna!
Happy 24th birthday today to my baby girl!  Can't believe she's all grown up.

Each trip to Dallas we've been watching the construction of the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge.  I finally got to ride on it.  I was so busy trying to figure out my new phone to photograph it that I missed the drive over it and missed the photo.  Thanks to Alicia I have this picture to remember the ride I missed.
One place Beto has been talking about is Emporium Pies.  After an afternoon of shopping for a baby mattress and more we loaded up on some take out pie for later.  Yes, we do love to eat when we are together.  I saw this wall outside of the pie shop and thought of my friend JM.  She sings like an angel, or so I believe and she came to mind as soon as I saw this spot.  Oh how I wished we were sitting there eating pie and drinking coffee together.

I forgot to mention these little guys.  I tried my hand at knitting and it bombed.  I decided to give felting a shot and ended up with these little toys to add to the shower gifts.  They are stuffed with jingle bells from Lindsey and Beto's wedding day.  I hope Beckham loves them someday.  (Ahhh blogger, I do not like it when you post my photos sideways!)

Beckham's room is filling up quickly.  By the time I left his crib was stuffed with baby gifts.  The mattress arrived after I got home.  His momma has a new crib sheet to put on  and soon she will have curtains to hang in bright and fun colors.  The rug for the floor is being shipped.  It's all coming together for the day he can come home!
This entire trip was filled with much laughter and love, but also more emotion than I can write about.  We were all able to attend the echo-gram for Beckham's heart.  It was a time of many questions followed by many tears.  I'm thankful we are a close family and we can laugh together, but also cry together.  My daughter is a very strong woman, but the unknown is filled with so many questions for her.  Please continue to pray for her and Beto as well as for Beckham to enter this world with great promise and joy.  There is so much more I could say, but for now this is enough.  (You can find a FB page at Beats for Beckham to show your support.)

On the day I left we had brunch at The Porch where Jenna works.  The food was fabulous and way too much of it.  Jenna served us well and it was time for the first goodbye.  I see so little of my baby girl.  It was hard to walk away once again.
We walked outside and found a nice little place for a few last photos.

They are so good together!

Beckham was spoiled already by Grammy and Auntie Leashie.  We LOVE this baby and his momma!

We loved on this belly over and over.  We longed to feel him kick, and kick he did.  We wanted to shower Lindsey with love and get every last touch in before we had to leave.

We are a crazy bunch, but a bunch who love one another and care deeply for each other.  I'm so thankful, thankful beyond words, for this trip.  I needed to be with my daughter right now.  I needed to love on her and her unborn son.  I will treasure this visit far more than any before it.  It was such an emotional visit, but a gift for all of us that cannot have a price tag attached.


Mari said...

I'm so happy that you were able to take this trip - and that all three of you girls could be together! I love the pictures, especially the one of the heart over Lindseys tummy!
Baby Beckham is so blessed to be born into such a loving family. He's being covered in prayer too!

Momma Roar said...

Loved every word and picture in this post.


Karenkool said...

Love all the pics and what a wonderful and necessary time you got to spend with your girlies (and the boys too).

BTW that wall outside of music outside the pie shop is actually ragtime and one of my favorites to play--Maple Leaf Rag. I recognized it right away. hahah

Cheri said...

What a beautiful visit! I'm sure it was such a blessing to Lindsey and Beto too.
You did such a great job on the felting animals- so very cute!
Beckham is for sure a blessed boy and we are continuing to pray and look for God's miracle whatever that may look like!

Connie said...

Loved your post. Saying prayers for that little one - remember God still does miracles....

mimisherry said...

I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face. The agony of seperation and not being able to touch one another as often as you would like to is heartbreaking to a momma's heart.
Bless your heart sweet friend!

I know the anxiety of Baby Becks situation weighs heavy on all of you. BUT know that I (among so many) am praying and BELIEVING for His mighty touch on that precious little angel of yours!


Susan said...

I wept as I read my way through this blog post because I could sense and feel the range of emotions. You may be separated by miles Ginger but you have what so many do not have and long for - togetherness of heart and soul. Jenna is beautiful even sick :o)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Loved reading about this trip! AND I am now a member of the facebook group - thx for the information. I am on there under my "psuedo" name that manages my pages! I will enjoy the updates and reminders to pray.

Loved the purse :)


Pam Rios said...

wow, what a fun and busy read! lol I'm just so stinkin' glad that you still are blogginer! I was starting to think nobody did that anymore! Praying for Beck!

Anonymous said...

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