Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Baby Beckham makes his entrance into our hearts and lives

I always sleep with my phone right next to my bed.  Getting an early morning phone call is never good.  I heard the phone ring and saw Lindsey's name on the display and my thoughts were, "Oh no, this can't be good." I answered and Lindsey asked if I was asleep.  It was my first day off after four days of working and I was immediately wide awake.  She told me she was at the hospital and in labor.  Her water broke and things were started.  Okay, here we go!

Just a few days prior we found out that Lindsey would be induced on January 14th.  We got busy and booked our flights for the weekend before.  I thought we were home free....BUT, deep down I knew this baby was coming early and Dave thought the very same thing.

I hung up with Lindsey and began to scramble.  Alicia called and we talked about getting our flight changed and heading to Chicago to get to Texas asap.  We booked tickets to Chicago to save some money and the kids are there and could help to transport us.  Alicia checked all flight, flights from all airports and there was none to be had due to the Christmas holiday.  We were stuck in Michigan.

After calling Dave at work he hurried home and a plan was made to drive the long trip to Texas.  Alicia called us back and surprised us with the news that she would meet us along the way by Chicago and drive with us!  She's the most upbeat person and such an encourager and has brought huge doses of peace for me.  It meant another driver for the 17 hour trip (which we made in 16 hours this time.)

We left home about 9:30am and met up with Alfred and Alicia a couple of hours later.  Alfred had to stay behind to work so he kissed his wife goodbye and sent her off with us.

Jenna was able to be with everyone in the labor and delivery room so we were blessed with a moment by moment account.  There was much cheering, tears and joy in our car when little Beckham entered the world at 12:22pm, one month early.  Jenna was in total awe of her sister and her new itty bitty nephew.

Lindsey did an amazing job and her prayers were answered for a natural delivery.  Her team was amazing and allowed her to do it her way which made for a wonderful experience and a great recovery.

We arrived in Dallas at about 2am and went straight to Jenna's apartment.  Lindsey was all set with Beto's sister staying with her for the night and Beto and Beckham had been transported to Children's Hospital a few miles away.  We were excited in the morning to go see Lindsey and bring her to her baby boy.

Five days have passed and they are already beginning to blend together and I have lost all sense of what day it is.   The waiting room has become our home.  Stricter rules have been put in place due to the cold and flu season so as of today there can only be two people with Beckham and two in the waiting room on his floor.  We've all moved a floor lower where we can be together, but it's the main entrance and it's busy and noisy.

It was such a blessing that on Christmas Eve and Christmas day we were blessed with turkey dinners with all the fixins from the hospital and it was wonderful. The hospital is a strange place to be on Christmas.  Needless to say I spend a bit of time in the bathroom alone crying.

There is no doubt that baby Becks has captured our hearts.  He was born the spitting image of his momma at birth which shocked us all.  The sono pictures looked just like his daddy.  My heart flooded at the sight of this little 5lb 13oz baby boy who looks so perfect.  He truly is his is momma and daddy's little buddy.  He has their features and fits perfectly into their little family.

For now we wait.  Beckham's heart surgeon has been on vacation for the holidays.  He will be back next week and is currently be informed of all that has transpired.  We anticipate surgery by mid week next week, but have no idea until the surgeon is back.

Beckham has been doing wonderful.  His blood levels have sent us into a scare a few times and we pray for him to be stable.  We ask for your prayers as well and we believe the many prayers are the reason he's doing so good and has bounced back previously with the breathing issues.  Thank you hardly says enough.  As I type this we just had another scare and it's been a more magnified one.  Wow, how we realize our need for the Lord in every detail.

Where do I begin to express what my heart feels?  I write this blog as a journal for my family to keep in the years to come and to know my heart, my faith and my failures.  This is more than a simple blog post can express.

I AM IN LOVE.  This child found his way into my heart many months ago.  Now as I look at his room filled with many machines connected to sensors which connect to him I'm lost for words.  I long to take it all away, the pain, the uncertainty and more just to bring him home.

I woke up the other night after a dream where Beckham was crying in his nursery at home and I was afraid the kids didn't hear him.  It was only a dream, but I hold it close to my heart and long for the day he will be in his crib crying to be fed or held.  His momma told me today that hearing him cry as the nurse changed his diaper was a good thing.  She's hardly heard him cry.

Beckham's nurse, Doug, commented today on how spoiled Becks is.  By the way, we love Doug, he is great!  When Beckham snuggled against me Doug reminded Becks that he is one spoiled little boy.  We are holding him all day long just switching arms.  We marvel at every sound he makes.  We go crazy when we see his eyes and laugh when we know he's messing his diaper.  We are all crazy fools for this little life that has been added to our family.

As the time approaches for surgery I feel the sadness of knowing what he needs to go through.  It's tough to know what lies ahead and how repairing Beckham's broken heart will indeed break mine.  I pray that the Lord will constantly remind me that this is necessary for us to see our little buddy come home.
I sit here waiting for my next baby holding fix.  My camera is constantly close to take as many photos as I can and every time I see someone snap another picture of me with my grandson my heart fills with pride.

God's fingerprints are all over Beckham.  We know our God does not make mistakes and He sees each and every detail involving Becks little heart.  We give thanks for the surgeon who is known to be one of the best in the country and pray for him daily and his staff.

Our little boy is resting safely in the palm of his Maker.  We covet all the prayers of family, friends and those who know us only by way of the internet, but love us just the same.  Please continue to pray for us.  Pray for strength for our kids and endurance as they walk this journey with Lil Becks.  Pray for rest at night to renew physical strength.  Pray for Dr Forbess and his team to be well prepared and tack sharp with their skills. Pray for me as I'm already dreading the day I need to leave my girl and her baby boy and go home. 

We give thanks for all of the meals that have been brought to the hospital.  We give thanks for the support of Lindsey and Beto's friends who have been amazing.  We give thanks for the gifts for Beckham and the gifts to allow us to live inside of a hospital and not have to stop to plan for anything other than caring for Beckham.  To each one of you we deeply say a huge thanks!  Thank you to each one of you who have called or texted us to encourage us and just check on how things are going.  It means so very much.  Thank you to my coworker for working out the schedule without me, you rock and are priceless to me.  I love all of you!  Most of all thanks to all who are praying.  We know the prayers of a righteous man avail much and God hears each prayer uttered on Beckham's behalf.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full. 
Psalm 139:14 


Susan said...

Beautiful and priceless. That is what Beckham is.

Pam Rios said...

This gave me goosebumps! I am not surprised you all arrived in less hours than expected! What a beautiuflly written piece.

Jan Brinks said...

Ginger, what a beautiful post! What a wonderful praise to God for little Beckham that he will be able to read someday!

Mari said...

What an amazing post! Beckham is truly beautiful, an amazing gift to each of you.
There are so many people praying for him, and for the rest of you. As stressful as this has been, I know there is great comfort in knowing you are all in God's hands.

mimisherry said...

Oh my dear Internet friend.....
I have not been able to get you and your precious family out of my mind since I learned of Beckhams arrival on this earth.
You are all in my thoughts and prayers....esp your little angel boy!

Sylvia said...

Such a privilege to be able to share your heart Ginger and journey with you. "We marvel at the wonderful things He has done" Ps. 98:1. (?? change of blog title now)
Thank you for keeping us all in touch so we can rejoice and pray

Jennifer said...

This was a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I have to say hearing about you crying alone brings tears to my eyes. I know it can be healing to just let it go sometimes and I pray that you are feeling that healing. Continue to press into our Father he loves sweet Beckham even more than any of you and hasn't left his side. Hugs dear friend!

Peppermint said...

This is a beautifully written update. Thank you for letting us help with prayer and support. Love you all so much and believing God's amazing strength and peace will uphold and sustain you. Beck's gonna be known as the miracle baby.

Julie said...

Love your transparency here to so willingly share with us your journey right now. I can sense your joy and pain mixed together...The moments in life of "waiting" are extremely hard. I have known them. It is the times that we understand in the fullest that we have NO control, and we come before the throne of the One we know DOES...and once again grow and feel our FAITH get stretched to another dimension...larger than we knew is GOD'S way of pulling us in. I have come to know it is His desire for us to fully lay it all down at His feet and that HE is there, and nothing has caught Him unaware. I can only offer prayers for you all, but I know those requests (so many praying) rising up to the ear of God are heard, and God is blessed, and in Matthew it is stated how deep the Love of God is for the "little ones". Very Very special they are to Him. And so I thank you for letting me pray along with your family. God bless you all, comfort you in the scary moments, and heal this little cherub. My heart is with you Grandma Ginger. (((hugs)))

Cheri said...

He is indeed so beautiful and blessed to have such an amazing family. You continue to be in our prayers and your entire family.

Connie said...

Oh my, I haven't checked in with you for a few days and now when I did I see that your little one has arrived. How precious. Know that my prayers are being added to the others. Little Beckham is on a journey - being cared for by those who love him most. May you all feel the "arms of God" around you at all times.

Brenda said...

Congratulations Dave and Ginger!! Being a grandparent is the best -what a support and blessing u r to the kids. Your grandson Beckham is adorable!! Praying for Peace that passes our understanding. Love and prayers.

Anonymous said...

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